Volvo Maintenance FAQ for 7xx/9xx/90 Cars                    Editor: Stephen Ringlee

This list was developed for the owners of Volvo 7xx/9xx series cars who are interested in maintenance tips that are not generally available in commercial manuals. It was compiled from Brickboard, Swedishbricks and daily mailing list comments, from the RPR chatboard or from specific websites with useful information. Items which appeared to be of lasting value to 7xx/9xx/90 series owners were excerpted and copied to this file. Sincere thanks to all those who took the time to answer others' questions and contribute to this public discussion.  Because these remarks represent contributors' personal opinions, users need to exercise caution about any advice given; indeed, some of the comments are contradictory. This list is current as of 16 Jun 00 and was compiled by Steve Ringlee, who is NOT a consulting mechanic but only recording secretary. While this public domain list may be shared either whole or in part without attribution, it may not be sold or rented. "Volvo" is a registered trademark of Volvo Cars AB and Volvo Cars North America, with worldwide rights, and is used by way of reference only.

Note:  If you are having specific driveability problems (no start, poor idle, etc.) with your Volvo, start your search with the Engine Tune and Performance; Symptoms section where many common symptoms are described and diagnosed.  Other driveability problems are described in Electrical: Ignition System, Electrical: Engine Sensors, Etc, Engine: Fuel Injection and other areas.

If you need help or consulting advice, first visit the Brickboard Rear-Wheel Drive Forum and post a message.  You can reach this at  Another good source of basic help is the Swedishbricks mailing list, found at .  This is a closed list and requires that you join in order to participate.   You will receive good, unbiased advice very quickly at both of these forums.  If you have a 200-series car, there is an excellent FAQ by Bob Scheer, now maintained at

Your contributions, along with corrections and suggestions, are always welcome.  Please send an email to (the subject line MUST contain "Volvo") and attach a word processing file if you are submitting a written contribution.  Scanned pictures or illustrations are also welcome in any format. To print out an individual file, do it directly from your browser or download the file, save it, then open it in a word processer that can read and print html files.

Table of Contents:

Brakes: ABS

Cooling System

Engine Tune and Performance; Symptoms

Electrical: Ignition System

Electrical: Engine Sensors, Etc. 

Engine: OBD Diagnostic Codes

Engine: FI and Ignition Computers

Engine: Fuel Injection 

Engine: Turbo 

Engine: V-6

Engine: Diesel 

Engine: Lubrication

Engine: Mechanical

Engine: Seals, Belts, Crankcase Ventilation

Fuel System

Electrical: Engine Starting, Charging

Electrical: Instruments

Electrical: Air Bag SRS

Electrical: Circuits, Wiring, Relays, Switches

Electrical: Lighting, Horns 

Electrical: Wipers

Heating and Air Conditioning 


Front Suspension

Transmission: Automatic

Transmission: Manual & Clutch

Overdrive Rebuild: M-46 Transmission

Driveshaft and Rear Axle

Rear Suspension

Wheels and Tires


Body: Rust

Body: Doors, Etc

Body: Glass, Moldings, Leaks, Etc

Body: Sunroof 

Body: Accessories

Body Care: Paint, Waxes, Etc.

Interior: Seats, Etc

Interior: Trim and Panels 

Radio and Antenna

High-Mileage Vehicles Preventive Maintenance

Buying a Used 7xx/9xx

Maintenance Manuals 

Parts Sources

Volvo Special Tool Designs

700/900 Series Model Identification

780 Information

960-90 Series Information

Fuel, Additive,  Lubricant and Coolant Data

 Update version: 5.0                                                                                                  Date: 16 Jun 00

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